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Looking for an affordable marketing consultant in Melbourne to make your business waaay better than average? 


Get instant access to the Business Building Guide for Marketing Newbies.

11 pages of simple, affordable, doable tips to get your business off the ground.


Customised marketing strategies for less overwhelm and more muscle

Planning Sessions

1.5 to 2 hour intensive sessions to plan out your focus and priorities for the next 30-90 days. Virtual or in-person.

Your Next 5 Steps

1 on 1 sessions to action your next steps to ‘better’. Choose the focus of your 5 step marketing action plan.

Full Stack Marketing Strategy

A glorious, actionable strategy made just for your business. Marketing, Product, Comms, Social Media, SEO plans and more.

Your Next 10 Steps

1 on 1 sessions to action your next 10 steps to ‘better’. Choose the focus of your 10 step marketing action plan.

Website Audit

Ready to be found online? I’ll audit your website (or your competitors) and give you a plan for attracting quality visitors.

Head of Marketing

Have someone manage it all for you. I’ll take charge of building and managing your marketing program.


Hi, I’m Amy

How can your business be better?


Running a business can be a huge stress.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic formula that turned your business marketing around?  That brought more traffic to your website, made more sales each and every month and had customers lining up for more? And you got to take that holiday each year.

Well, there’s no magic formula but there are loads of tools and techniques that can be wrapped around a marketing strategy built just for your business.

But who has the time to invest in their own marketing?

Don’t worry. I can lighten the load.

I design practical, affordable and doable marketing solutions for overwhelmed businesses who don’t know where to start, or just don’t have the resources. And if you like, I can manage it all for you too.

As a marketing consultant in Melbourne, I offer just the kind of marketing support that your small business needs.

I’ve worked in loads of industries: ecommerce, photography, children’s products and programs, software providers, commercial design, direct to garment printing, enterprise B2B – to name a few.  I’m a quick learner, so a new industry is no problem.  And I can help you. 

I had a great time chatting with Jason Barnard about my thoughts on blending conventional marketing with the latest digital tools.  Customer insights available from traditional surveys mashed with online tools such as Google Analytics, are one example of bringing solid marketing foundations to play with digital marketing.

These insights offer so much input to your content marketing strategy and more. But don’t forget that content and promotion are only one piece of the marketing puzzle.  Consumer insights need to stretch across product, price and channel. 

Ready to be waaay better than average?




Amy has been a wonderful and crucial aid to our business in our developing months, she has become my ‘marketing rock’!  Not only has Amy implemented a huge number of crucial improvements, she has been an incredible teacher to us along the way. 

Sophie Bain

Studio Manager and Designer, SoWatt - Industrial Design Studio

I can’t fault Amy’s work. As well as improving my skills in Google My Business, Google Analytics, SEO and Mailchimp, Amy helped take the pressure off me by ‘just getting stuff done’.

Carolyn Luder

Founder & Managing Director, Little Sprouts Program

Amy is really invested in improving our business. She is very open minded, thinks creatively and has provided us with new and refined marketing strategies to setup our business, for the long term.

Neil Houlston

Founder , App IT Byte

Ready to be better?