I don’t know about you, but I’m so done with posting on social media, week after week, for snail-paced traction. Don’t get me wrong, social media is a key element of any good marketing plan.

But it’s time for me to mix things up. Shake the tree and see what falls out. You get the idea.

So, I’m packing up and moving out of Facebook and Instagram.


You see, I’ve taken another look at my marketing roadmap and reset the GPS. It feels so good to sharpen my focus and know that all my marketing efforts are pointing to common goals.  

For my business, my leads mainly come from Google (thanks to my highly optimised website) and LinkedIn. Facebook and Instagram are great for top-of-mind awareness, like an outdoor billboard that speaks to you as you drive past.

It makes sense for me to quit the detour and set a clear path on LinkedIn.   

Did you know LinkedIn is actually pretty darn cool?  Well, it is. Stick with me, and I’ll show you how. 


Why LinkedIn


Well, my audience is there. As my marketing workshops appeal to freelancers and business brands selling to other business brands (B2B), my content gets better engagement on that platform, where my audience spends time. 

That’s not to say they’re not on any other social platform, but the algorithms are more favourable on LinkedIn, for now anyway, and therefore the engagement is better. 

Here’s two easy ways to get noticed. 


 1. LinkedIn Cover Stories

LinkedIn is the ‘place to be’. Like the camp spot that nobody new about but now suddenly everyone is flocking to. 

But there’s still time to find your camp spot over there.  

The first thing I’ll share with you is that LinkedIn lets you upload a video as your profile picture, as well as just a static picture of yourself.  

WAAAART? (Not ‘wart’) 

Yes, if you’re not sure what I mean, check out mine 

If that doesn’t blow your tent pegs out, nothing will. 


2. Carousels

Carousel style posts are brilliant. And they are so easy to create. I’ll share with you how. 

Firstly, I write my fortnightly email that adds extraordinary value to my email list. I keep it focussed and light. 

I then head over to Canva and create the slides within ‘Instagram Post’, one below the other. Scanning through the email, I pick out the snippets – the highlights.


The bits that tell a story. 


I add my branding fonts, colours, textures and images.


Slap on a call to action.


Upload it to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.


Make a cuppa. And enjoy engaging with your audience online.


Over to you

These are just two easy ways to make LinkedIn work for your business. Keen to give it a go?

Amy Annetts, a marketing strategist in Melbourne, has been practising marketing for 25 years.  She creates marketing roadmaps for businesses that need to know where they’re going. Amy blends her corporate and traditional marketing experience with the latest digital techniques. Using a full-scale marketing toolkit, Amy’s clients use campaigns that earn them more customers.  And she loves red dirt and travelling Australia, having done ‘the lap’ twice and many outback trips in between.

But that’s another story.

Get in touch to see how Amy can help you.