Have you heard about the world’s most remote music festival?

On the edge of Australia’s Simpson Desert, at the foot of ‘Big Red’ – a huge, red sand dune – a playground for 4wd’ers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Big Red Bash is a bucket list item for many Australians, with 10,000 people this year rocking along to John Williamson, Paul Kelly and Wendy Matthews among others.

Last month I was in Birdsville, the event’s HQ, just as the event was setting up.

The buzz was incredible.


Which got me thinking. 


How does an event like this, literally in the middle of nowhere, without electricity, town water and mobile reception become such a success?

What’s more, people travel the furthest to the Big Red Bash than any other musical event in the world.

There’s some ideas we can take away here and apply to our own businesses.


What if you looked at your offering as if  it was an event?


  • How do you want people to feel when they buy from you?
  • What’s the community you are building?
  • What would make your customers where a t-shirt with your logo on it?

Along with big music names, the Bash has a long list of other events for patrons to get involved in, like the nutbush world record attempt and sunrise yoga – after all, it runs for 3 days.

So, aside from your main offering, what else can you offer or do, to make your customer experience more thrilling or unique? It could be as simple as

  • templating a welcome email
  • a thank you message
  • creating a Facebook group
  • following up after the sale
  • throwing in an unexpected, complementary service


Whatever it is, there’s always room to make your customer experience better. Why not start with asking them?


Over to you


Does camping with 10,000 of your closest music pals excite you?


Photo credit of cover image: @bigredbash via Instagram

Amy Annetts at Birdsville bakery holding a coffee