The Marketing Expedition

How to become a marketing adventurer
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Choose your own character

 Two key factors determine what kind of business owner you are: impact and visibility.


Steadfastly doing business the same way for 30 years. Not so keen to learn new tricks. Soon to be invisible and stagnant. A risky choice. 


Excitedly embracing social platforms. A random cat video is never on brand. Lack of strategy shows in the business metrics.


Busily creating opportunities, with a solid database and a great referral network. A slow and steady way to grow…very slow.


Fantastic visibility across key channels. On-brand messaging is magnetic to their audience. Business is really making a splash.

Tame the elements

To become a marketing adventurer, the key elements to master are:



Knowing who you are talking to and where to find them.



Speaking to your audience in a way that cuts through the noise.



Having a step-by- step plan that gives you direction and rhythm.



Assigning a leader to guide the way, clear the prickles and keep you on track.

Get ready for adventure

Time for the marketing expedition …

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View the business with fresh eyes. Clarify your audience, what they need and how you help.



Separate the gold from the shiny rocks using workshop techniques that best suit your business and goals.



Examine your competitors and see what you need to do to stand out.



Build a toolkit with digital and traditional tools, like social media, SEO, pitch deck and public relations.



Design a step-by-step actionable content marketing plan with all the detail needed to execute.



Time for ACTION. Implement the roadmap, with a guide to lead the way.

Enjoy the destination

When you complete the marketing expedition, enjoy:


Have a clear vision of where your marketing is going, now and in the future.


Stay top of mind with your audience. Become the go-to in your industry.

Attract clients, deliver on revenue targets and grow your business.

Choose your own adventure

Flinders Ranges

  • Two hour Zoom session.
  • Content Marketing Plan outline created for you within one week.
  • DIY templates for you to follow.
  • One hour walk-through.
  • 3 x 30 min consults via Zoom for specialist advice.

Kings Canyon

  • Several Zoom sessions (spaced over 3-4 days).
  • Detailed Content Marketing Plan created for you within 3-4 weeks.
  • One hour walk-through.
  • 2 x 30 min consults via Zoom for specialist advice.

The Kimberley

All that Kings Canyon offers, plus branded:

  • Graphic design of four visual models for animation and content marketing.
  • Proposal template/brochure with copywriting.
  • Pitch deck.
  • Animated videos of your visual models.

    Using the award-winning Think RAPT® system

Planning Sessions

Optional items to add:

  • Market research.
  • Marketing retainer (set monthly rate, 3 month minimum).

What’s included in the Content Marketing Plan?

Content Marketing Plan

Client testimonials

There's nothing better than sharing feedback from clients.

Amber Grace | Founder & CEO | Second Steps

Lisa Saunders - Own Your Health Collective

I found Amy after an online search - I didn't want the commercial pitch or approach to marketing but really someone who could help put into a clear words who I am and what I do. To top it off I got a comprehensive plan of how to do it - love that! From strategy to the practical in seamless sessions over a few months. Highly suggest inviting Amy to sit around your business table, you won't regret it.

Kelly Goodsir

Pedagogical Leader Early Childhood, KG Learning

As a new business owner overwhelmed doesn't even cover how I was feeling.  Words do not even convey what working with Amy has done for me and my ability to build my business. I am so overjoyed with what I can now do, what I understand and the confidence I now feel in myself to navigate the world of marketing my business. 

Nadia Addabbo

Nadia Addabbo Holistic Therapist

As a small business owner, I engaged Amy to gather information, advice and support on marketing my business. She is a brilliant educator.

Mel Cornell

Mel Cornell Photography

Thanks Amy, it was a great session. I really enjoyed it and excited to make head way with the action.

Nat Moore

Own Your Health Collective

A fresh set of eyes is needed sometimes, especially when you're busy in the daily running of your business. Amy's 30/60/90 DAY ACTION PLAN has not only mapped out my next 90 days, it's also given me the clear focus I need to power me through to the next phase. 

Amy Wyhoon

Sugarpop Social

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