Marketing help for small business

Market Planning

A marketing plan is a great place to start when you need to define or refresh your vision, decide on your priorities and where to allocate your limited marketing funds. This plan can be as extensive or brief as you need it to be.  It just needs to work for you. This is the start of finding the opportunities that will set you apart.

SEO Marketing

I can help your website get more traffic that converts.  Analysing your website’s current performance and how it easy it is for a visitor to use, I can put in place the latest techniques that help visitors better engage with your website and help google find you. A website that is optimised for search is a central part of boosting your business.

Campaign Development

What’s the best offer to attract new customers to your business and keep them coming back? I can implement offers and campaigns across different channels, help create a better customer experience, introduce marketing automation into your business, implement website improvements and much more.

Head of Marketing

Many small business owners would love to have a marketing manager on the team, but it’s not always feasible. As a freelancer, I can work with you and your business for as little as a few hours each week or month, or even a single session, to give your marketing a boost and lift your business to where it needs to be.

Want to find the best way to market your business?