Affordable Marketing Services for Small Business


“I need a marketing strategy for the real world.  And one that I can implement easily and right now.”

Choose from 3 planning sessions, to suit your stage of business.

  • Map My Marketing: create your first marketing action plan
  • Marketing Deep-Dive: focus on the key marketing area your business needs to move on
  • Marketing Mastery: all of the above plus extra steps to ensure action

90 minutes – 2 hours – via Zoom (video) or in-person $197-$427 

Planning Sessions to Suit


Whether you’re ready to launch, or you’re an established business, these planning sessions are designed to suit your stage of growth. And take the headache out of knowing how and where to move forward with your next marketing move.



“We need to know how best to focus on marketing the business. We’ve tried a few things but not sure which is working and how to bring it all together.”

Building a documented strategy to wrap around your business, giving you the confidence to move forward and grow. That’s what good planning will do. I’ll create a comprehensive 12 month marketing strategy that’s right for you and your stakeholders.

For corporate and small business, I’ve spent the last 20+ years creating

  • marketing plans
  • product plans
  • communications plans

And more recently

  • social media and
  • SEO strategies

that are wrapped within the foundations of solid, strategic marketing principles.  So you’ll be well on your way to #marketwithmuscle 

Let’s talk about where your business is at and what you’re wanting to achieve.  I’ll recommend a plan to match and allow your business to grow. 



“I’m a sole trader wanting to get started or do more. I don’t have time to learn all the technologies and not sure where to focus my time.”

It can be so confusing knowing which social media platforms to use. Or working out what keywords will work best on your website.  Or how to get more traffic.  Or defining your key messages.  Right? Whatever you’re challenged with right now,  I’ll work with you on 5 key marketing actions to boost you forward.  We’ll kick off with a 1 hour business review, decide on those 5 marketing actions and get moving.

$657 via Zoom (video).  Travel time is extra for in-person.

your next ten steps

“I’m ready to work in partnership to grow my business with effective marketing. I don’t have much time. But, I’m willing to learn where I can and outsource when I can’t.”

Having someone to partner with in your business lightens the load.  There’s areas of marketing you might be putting your focus.  But there’s so much more you can do.  If you’re ready to get serious, I’ll work with you on 10 key marketing actions to get you on the road to ‘better’.   We’ll kick off with a 1 hour business review, decide on those 10 marketing actions and make a real difference to your business.

$1,197 via Zoom (video). Travel is extra for in-person.


website audit

“I’m not sure how well my website is performing and what I need to do to get traffic that converts to sales. I think it looks ok, but there’s probably more I can do with it.”

Are you ready for customers and Google to find you? Just having a website isn’t enough.  A website that’s optimised means you’re more likely to be found online. I’ll review your website for usability and performance. And I’ll look at how easily your customers can find you. And how you’re performing against your competition, for your most important search phrases.

Once I’ve reviewed everything, you’ll have a written review of my findings and recommendations. And we’ll go over it all in a 1 hour phone chat to make sure you understand it and know what to do next. $797

head of marketing

We’d love to have a marketing manager on the team – to take charge of our marketing program (or create one and run with it for us). But as a small business owner, I don’t have the resources for a full-time person.”

I can be your Head of Marketing for as little as a few hours each week.  I’ll give your marketing a boost and lift your business to where it needs to be. As an ongoing client, you’ll have priority access to a private Slack channel, where you can ask me questions or send any marketing content to be reviewed. And you’ll have a private Trello board outlining all your marketing activities that I’ll be managing each week for you. 

2 month minimum. From $880 per month.

As a small business owner, I engaged Amy to gather information, advice and support on marketing my business. She is a brilliant educator.

Mel Cornell, Owner @ Mel Cornell Photography

As a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude, Amy is a pleasure to work with.

Thomas Dittmar, Founder @ Bookmemate

Not only has Amy implemented a huge number of crucial improvements, she has been an incredible teacher to us along the way.

Sophie Bain, Studio Manager and Designer @ SoWatt Industrial Design

Ready to be way better than average?